Monday, May 13, 2019

Ken - He's a Doll!

I started collecting Barbie's when I was 13 years old. Prior to collecting, I  had never owned a Ken or any other friend/family member of Barbie for that matter, so when I started collecting and finally clapped eyes on vintage Ken, I just had to have one in my collection!

I saw many a photo of this handsome young lad in the many Barbie books I was stumbling across. The more I saw him, the more I knew he had a place waiting for him in my collection.

I was 23 (10 years of hoping like hell to acquire a vintage Ken) when I finally hit the jackpot and got not one but TWO Kens as a birthday gift! Oh  lordy lordy! that must of been one of the best days in all my time collecting Barbie.

Not only did these two handsome chaps arrive here in New Zealand from Australia, they came in a vintage yellow Ken doll case with EXTRAS! Yes EXTRAS!!!  Vintage Ken clothes. What a score!

Pants, shirts, socks and even a pair of  Y fronts! 

I treasure these two Ken's and hope to one day pass them down to my daughter, who is a Barbie fan. 

As far as vintage Ken's go, these are the only two I have in my ever growing collection. I feel extremely lucky to have both a flocked hair Ken and a molded hair Ken.


However, these are not the only two Ken's in my collection, they merely just started the ball rolling for more Ken's to join this Kiwi gal's collection.  

As a kid, I remember seeing Ken doll on the shelves in the shops but he never came home with me as I was too invested in Barbie doll herself. Now that I am a collector, I can surely say I have more than made up for giving Ken the cold shoulder as a child as he is a plentiful character in my collection and a very welcome addition! 

It must be about time I turned my hand to sewing for Ken. That will be a first. Better get to sourcing a pattern.

Happy collecting folks x

Sew Delighful

Have you ever been in oar of someone else? That's how I feel when I see Mary's sewing creations for Barbie. 

It is with great delight that I have had permission from Mary to share these photo's of her sewing creations. 

Mary is part of the Vintage Barbie doll collectors 1959-1972 Facebook group. It was through this group I saw her posts of all her exquisite sewing creations for Barbie. 

Today I am showcasing a collection of photo's Mary has shared through the Facebook group.

Mary, you are an inspiration to me and many other's with your beautiful creations. Thank you for allowing me to share your collection of couture