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Right from a young age, Barbie has been a favorite of mine. I was 3 or 4 when I got my first Barbie (Dreamtime Barbie)
My first Barbie (Dreamtime Barbie)
. I loved this Barbie and still do! I don't know what happened to her original clothes, however, I managed to get another original outfit for her via eBay. That's the beauty of having websites such as eBay and Trademe, for us collectors it opens up a goldmine and treasure trove of all the dolls we ever wanted. 

Something deep within me must of told me I was destined to become a collector, as I keep some of the boxes Barbie came in and all my play sets still have the boxes. 

I started collecting Barbies when I was 12 or 13. By that stage I had grown out of "playing" with Barbie. 

I was most intrigued with vintage Barbies and really wanted one, so one afternoon I got on the phone and called around the antique shops, out of all the shops I called only one had a vintage Barbie, a 1971 Busy Barbie. This was the first vintage Barbie in my collection (although not considered a vintage at the time, she was vintage to me).

Busy Barbie 
As a kid, I never had a Ken, Midge, Skipper or any of the other dolls in the Barbie family/friends range. As a collector, my new fav became Midge. With that cute as a button "girl next door" face, I just had to have a vintage Midge in my collection. I was lucky enough to get one for Christmas one year, She belonged to a lady in Ohio whom had her since she was a child. She came in her original box and still has the stand!

Joining my vintage Midge some years later, came Allan! In his original box, with wrist tag, cork sandals, stand and booklet still in the packaging!!!

Over there years, there has been other Midges added to my ever growing collection.

I mainly collect Barbies from the 80's and early 90's as those are the ones I grew up playing with and remember. I do like vintage Barbies too and have a small collection of those which has recently been growing. Who can resist a vintage beauty!

My collection in the early days 

Happy collecting !!!

Sharon (2017)


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